Big Data

The Challenge of Big Data

the challenge of big data

Data storage is increasing by leaps and bounds thanks to the vast spread of various sensors, transactions and clicks online. The emerging challenge is data analysis to make sense of it in quick time in response to changing demands. The challenge is indicated in the definition of big data that it is too big, too fast and too hard for the existing tools to process. We have today data systems which handle data on a petaflop scale (a thousand million million flops), though fast processing is demanded by situations such as fraud detection or sale of goods.) What is

Wordpress Theme Design

WordPress Theme Features to Consider while building a Theme ?

wordpress design

What Colors will your theme be available in ? black blue brown gray green orange pink purple red silver tan white yellow dark light Hwo many columns will a theme have ? one-column two-columns three-columns four-columns left-sidebar right-sidebar What kind of a Layout will your theme be built on ? fixed-layout fluid-layout responsive-layout What are the some of the Features that you can incorporate into your theme ? accessibility-ready blavatar buddypress custom-background custom-colors custom-header custom-menu editor-style featured-image-header featured-images flexible-header front-page-post-form full-width-template microformats post-formats rtl-language-support sticky-post theme-options threaded-comments translation-ready Will your theme be for a specific genre,topic or subject ?


Online Learning Resources for Freelancers and Web Developers in India

Since late 2010 there has seen a mushrooming of online resources providing free and paid access to quality resources where web developers and designers can learn to code and build websites from scratch. I ndians are believe to constitute the second largest group of online learners on many of these websites after the US. Given below is the most comprehensive resource of online websites and tutorials to jump-start your web designing career. These resources have been compiled in July 2014 and will be updated as and when we come across new resources. Many of these tutorial websites charge a


Co Working Spaces in Bangalore India

Over the last few weeks, I realized that i have out grown my current work environment and need to find a new place to work from. So I have spent the last two days looking for Co-Working space in Bangalore. Given below are few of the good ones, I came across. Co-Working Space on MG Road, Church Street Cobalt BLR is a high end co-working space located off Church street, about a year old it. It costs about Rs 6,500.00 INR per month for a single seat and it is situated above the hip and happening Church Street Social.

Wordpress Theme Design

Goal 2014

wordpress design

The Goal for 2014 is simple : 1. Build one free wordpress theme and release it for free on the WordPress Themes Marketplace. 2. Build one premium paid wordpress theme and release it for a nominal price on the Themeforest WordPress Marketplace. The first theme that we develop will be a free or premium theme depending upon how good a job we do at designing and coding it. If our first theme looks good, works well and it looks like people would pay for it then we release it as a paid theme or else we give it back